Umbrella Hook for Towels/Camera/Bags by Pole-R Bear




No more sand! Use the Pole-R Bear Umbrella Hook with its stainless steel claws to keep all of your belongings dry and free of sand! It seems that no matter whom you talk to, everyone’s biggest peeve about going to the beach is that sand seems to find its way into everything. Not anymore! With this unique Pole-R Bear Umbrella Hook, it is effortless to hang all of your belongings up and out of the way, keeping them dry, and most importantly, free of sand! The Pole-R Bear Umbrella Hook will fit any pole from 3/4′ to 1-5/8′ in diameter. It will fit just about most any standard umbrella pole. It is as easy as putting on a belt. Just position the Umbrella Hook exactly where you want it and slide the two pins in place. Throw it in your beach bag, purse, or car. Just make sure you have it on your next trip to the beach or water park.

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